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"The reviewers at TeamGolfwell are very professional. To my surprise,

they gave a detailed and insightful review of my book. I am impressed with their professionalism and recommend them highly. - Dr. M. Kukreja, Author of "How to Improve Work Behavior"

We review books in almost all genres and not just golf or sports.

​We review books for free. It doesn't hurt to ask.  ​

We read books and submit our reviews on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media. We review poetry, children's books, films, art, etc. as well.  You can also use our review any way you wish (e.g., on your book page, etc.).  

​Our reviews are completely honest but we only review books if they catch our interest. We will notify you first if our review is 3 stars or less to see if you want us to post it. We are a team of retired people in New Zealand and we love authors, love to read, and write book reviews. It keeps us aware of current trends on what other authors are doing with their books too. 

​To ask us for a review, please send us these items below to our email:

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​     4. OPTIONAL: We offer a priority service ($89) to read and review your book within 10 days for $89. If we decide not to review your book, we will immediately refund the $89 to you and delete your PDF copy of your work. If you would like to submit your book for priority service, you can buy a priority service book review here >


What Authors say about us: 

"Team Golfwell's review of my debut historical fiction title, 'Becoming Mrs. Smith' was thoughtful, sincere, and professional. A great resource for both ARC and already published titles, this group of reviewers is a Godsend for authors seeking honest and insightful reviews. I highly recommend their book review services. Tanya Williams, Author of "Becoming Mrs. Smith." 

I relied on TeamGolfWell to give me some honest feedback on my book. Not only were they prompt, but Bruce offered a detailed recommendation of my book with cited examples so I know it was read. I recommend this service. 
-William Gensburger: author of “Distant Rumors:16 Stories of Life and Death.” 

As I self-publishing author I know that it's always not easy to find reviewers who will be ready to read your book and give you an honest opinion. Lucky I have found  I was surprised how quickly they replied to my request and how professional their testimonial was. I highly recommend working with them." Maya Thoresen Author of "Hygge: The Danish Secrets of Happiness." 

"Thank you Golfwell, for your help reading and providing an honest review of my book. The service was fast and of high quality."  Dr. Denise A Nisbet, Author of "This Eternal Journey: Reflections on Love, Pain, Mysteries, and the Whole Damn Thing. A Memoir." 

"I submitted my book to Team Golfwell with the hope of getting a review. I was just reaching, realizing that any feedback and hopefully a good word would help me spread the news of my memoir. Thanks, so much, Team Golfwell for the nuanced positive thoughts.  I really like that your reviewer "got" my dedication. You are doing a good service, and I feel tremendously encouraged...I highly recommend submitting your book for review. J.J. Maze, Author of "Walk Until Sunrise." 

"I submitted my book with hopes of getting a review and I got more than I ever could have imagined. Definitely worth checking these guys out if you are seeking an honest and unbiased review. Very thankful!" Stephanie Jeannot, Author of"And Then There Was The Music: Musical Poetry Collection and an Essay." 

"The people at Team Golfwell were a pleasure to work with. They responded to my initial contact immediately and personally, that's a nice touch. They accepted my book for a review and got to it faster than expected... I would recommend their service as it is refreshing to be able to connect with real people behind the scenes - it means the world! Thanks, Team Golfwell. Sincerely Theresa Jacobs."  Author of "Cataclysm." 

"I submitted my novel to your site for an honest, unbiased review, and was surprised at not only the review--it was a very fine one...but also the professionalism showed. I would recommend this site to any author wishing to have their novel(s) reviewed. Kindest regards, (Mr.) Jesse (J.S.) Frankel, Author of "The Undernet." 

"I was so happy I got in touch with Team Golfwell.  They got my book to a reviewer's hands who was specifically interested in the topic of my book -- and they did all of this in less than a week!  I couldn't have asked for more." C.I. Demann, Author of "11 v 11" 

"I found Golfwell to be a professional and very responsive book review service. It was a pleasure to work with them."   M. Holly-Rosing, Author of "The Boston Metaphysical Society" 

"For the vast majority of writers not on the New York Times Best Seller list, reviews are essential for getting your work noticed. I found Team Golfwell while researching reviewers that would provide honest feedback coupled with a quick turnaround time. The team at Golfwell exceeded my expectations on every level. Their review of my detective thriller novel was thoughtful, informative, and demonstrated a genuine appreciation of the craft of writing. Thanks, Team Golfwell!"  - JD Hunter, co-author, The Domino Event. 

"You want to talk about the real deal?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Team Golfwell will actually read your entire book, and then give you an honest, detailed review.  And, they’ll do it for free.  I’ve done some research, and so far, it’s the only site that I trust to do that." -  Wayne Willson, author of “Time Particle”.  
(Team Golfwell Comment: "Time Particle" was a hilarious book and we love healthy humor").
"Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work. I'm happy that it was received well and understood. I'll be happy to send you future works, I have another one that's about ready for the editor. Anyway, again, thank you! You made my day/week."  All my best, - Aaron McClure Author of "The Machine: A Mechanic's View of the Economy and Its Needs"

"It was a pleasure working with TeamGolfwell. They are very professional and had an excellent turnaround time on the review. I appreciate their thoroughness and would gladly recommend TeamGolfwell’s book review services to other authors." Sebastian Bendix, Author of "The Stronghold."