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In the words of Arthur Daley, "Golf is like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun; if you take it seriously, it will break your heart." 

We love to laugh and we love to write and read and give free reviews of great books - most all genres.  We are retired and live in New Zealand. When we aren't playing golf, we love to read books - 
so send us your book for a book review. Guidelines are here.

We are best selling authors and one of our latest books, "Brilliant Screen-Free Stuff To Do With Kids: A Handy Reference for Parents & Grandparents!" is great for parents, grandparents, and kids for healthy activities as the American Pediatric Association recommends children need a balance between screen time and other healthy activities.   It has over 350+ screen-free activities to give you fast substitutes to get them off digital games, tablets, laptops, TV, etc. and improve and expand their life. It also features some activities for children with handicaps, autism, Asperger, as well as teens.

All of our books make great gifts for golfers. And, he'll love you for the laughs they bring.  Recently our book,
Fast Guide to the Rules of Golf reached being a #1 Amazon bestseller in Sports Coaching. 

We have a special book for young golfers, "Walk the Winning Ways" designed to help young golfers maintain a good confidence level in golf and in life in general.

We are in New Zealand. Members of our team have a philosophy of enjoying life and we hope our golf instruction and golf humor books will chase your blues away as well as help you learn more about the golfing world. It's been scientifically proven people learn better when there's humor involved.  So, be happy and relax and enjoy and keep looking toward the future!

Send us your questions, jokes, etc.
anytime.  Thank you very much for your interest!

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