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Hilarious! Fresh new jokes and stories you probably haven't heard before. Team Golfwell created "Golf Jokes and Stories" a very popular Facebook Group with over 120,000+ members and growing. A great gift for any golfer! This is selected material from the group and has been edited for spelling, etc., but some have been left "as is" as we didn't want to change them. Read it and you will see what we mean! 

The most major changes in 30 years to the Rules of Golf went into effect on January 1, 2019.  This Guide to the Rules of Golf gives you a clear and quick overview of the Rules of Golf and the recent changes which most commonly come into play when you need a fast answer.

The next several pages, “QUICK RULES SUMMARY” will answer most rule questions in seconds with more information shown in the page reference. You don’t have to remember all the rules if you keep this guide handy or on your phone for fast answers to rule questions. Makes a great practical gift for any golfer. Get it now!

Funny, thought-provoking, hilarious comments, quotes and stories from bestselling writers, politicians, well-known businessmen, PGA Tour players, and people from all walks of life are in this book - sorry, no cartoons in this book - just fun and interesting sayings and stories about golf.

An amusing creative collection of observations of the game of golf showing golf is very similar to life itself with all its unexpected victories, miracle shots or disastrous results from perfect shots – like Heaven and Hell in one.

Bobby Jones said, “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

Get this book and enjoy and share the observations of the many people quoted in this book with your golfing regulars on the practice green and the 19th hole.

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​Do you know about the "Fat Switch" discovery? You will learn new concepts from this book.

Most of us have trouble staying on a diet. We certainly did. We kept going from one diet to another. Frustrated, we researched current scientific studies on how to stay on a diet and deal with food cravings.

We found genuine ways to stay on a diet and have a healthy, energetic and good looking body. We share our research with you in this book.

If you have no trouble sticking to a diet, you don’t need to read this book. 

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Copyright TeamGolfwell, 2021

Why is this Total Golf Fitness Program different?

It’s a complete and comprehensive golf fitness program covering the 6 elements of keeping fit: Aerobics, All Body Strength and Resistance Training, Core Exercises, Balance Training, Stretching, and Exercise Variety to Keep You Motivated.

This book also gives you what healthy snacks you should eat playing golf to help you keep focused, as well as information on the diets of top PGA Tour Golfers.

If you want to play better, lose fat, and look great as quickly as possible then you want to read this book.

You're going to learn fitness programs most golfers will never know.

Stronger cardio so you won’t get tired playing the last 3 or 4 holes.

Muscle toning with moderate weights and high reps. A stronger core to make your golf swing easier. Balance training to keep your shots more consistent.

A ten minute a day stretching program. Bonus: This book also has a journal to keep a record of your progress.

Get GOLF FITNESS and begin your journey to become a better, leaner, and stronger good-looking golfer!

Another new book by Bruce Miller. A novel set in beautiful Naples, Florida, tells the tale of four enthusiastic male golfers whose lives are turned around after a weekend break in Las Vegas. Romance, intrigue, and corruption with many twists and turns will have you unable to put this book down. Learn what men think of women as these four close golf buddies discuss their relationships on the 19th hole. Lance, Jude, Tom, and Chris form strong bonds with each other as each experiences life in the fast lane. Check it out.

The perfect gift for any golfer! Funny true and little-known golf tales, insane golf courses, golf anecdotes, golf jokes, hilarious quotes, world golf records, and much more in this amusing new book created by bestselling golf writers, Team Golfwell. Their books have sold thousands of copies!

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If you want to maintain yourself, this book is for you and it makes a great gift for the golfer. ENDORSED BY SENIORS GOLFERS OF AMERICA - "This is a complete informational and motivational book in which seniors learn what Arnold, Jack, Langer, Irwin, Trevino, and many other top golfers have said about golfers over 50."

FROM AUSTRALIAN SENIOR GOLFERS - "This book has over 300 pages of what would be expected stuff like overall golf advice, golf tips, golf techniques, and golf equipment advice – but there’s much more. The much more includes complete golfing exercise programs, ways to loosen stiff joints, diet information, and goal setting. (There are even some bonus pages at the back if you want to get really serious and record your fitness progress)."

"But what really sets A Complete Guide For Golfers Over 50 apart is the emphasis on the fun...There are jokes interspersed throughout the manual and another section on fun formats and suggestions on keeping up the interest by varying your routines. Live longer and healthier, absorb some wisdom (and maybe a game-changing insight) from the greats, and laugh more. Much better than getting the sh*ts over a fluffed chip shot."

"I found the second chapter What Great Players in Golf Have Said About Senior Golfers to be particularly valuable (Golfwell personally contacted many of those contributing)."

"Amongst some great golf and life advice I particularly liked Lee Trevino’s quip: “The older I get, the better I used to be.” - Brian O'Hare, Founder Senior Golfers of Australia.

Best Selling Authors, Book Reviews, Golf Humorists, Golf Instruction and more!

Books like "The Rules of Golf" makes the perfect gift for the golfer who has everything!

A hilarious book (paperback is 4" x 6") that easily fits in a golf bag and makes a memorable gift for any occasion.  It will bring a smile to the face of any adult golfer and he’ll love you for the laughs it brings.

He or she can share these stories with golfing friends, or on the 19th hole, or anytime! A great book to keep on the nightstand, read while traveling, or anytime!

While an occasional funny joke helps brighten the mood, laughter helps a golfer play better.
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Legal Crime Thriller based on a true story.
A young law student is told a terrifying story by his girlfriend’s mother, a psychic who breaks down in tears when she foresees a young pregnant girl needlessly martyred by ruthless criminals and beseeches him to prevent it.

Years later, he barely remembered the girlfriend, but the prophecy had lodged itself deep in his brain – maybe because it was the only time he’d ever had his fortune told. Then the horrifying foretold events frantically start to occur.

Tormented, he battles within himself struggling to stop the killing as other heart-pounding and unforeseen events occur. He battles on and on as the events collide and confuse him.

Review: "Riveting! Amazing story! 
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This book is over 200-pages and explains reliable sites showing you how to earn passive and active income online and ways to increase traffic.

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