"5 Stars An Enjoyable Read!"

"Crash Gordon and the Illuminati Underground was a lot of fun to read and thought provoking. Derek Swanson is a unique writer with massive talent and will keep you entertained. Very descriptive and ingenious writing...."

"Five Stars A Fast Paced Exciting Thriller! Loved it!"

"A Piece of a Volunteer by Jonatan Tylsgaard Larsen is a gripping fast moving thriller with a lot of pace. Many book descriptions on the market contain the words “This is a page turner” but this book is in fact that. Very hard to put down.

"It hit a personal note with me since I had friends that almost lost their lives in a Central American country when they were stopped by armed bandits while driving on a rural highway. It’s life and death in an instant and Larsen has a plot which expands as you read like a Dan Brown book."

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5 Stars "A Bold Frank and Fearless Description of Amazing Events of an Incredibly Full Life."

"Christian Title's "Climbed the Hill" is an amazing true life story and is one of the most moving personal accounts I have ever read. The writer bares his soul and takes you on an unbelievable journey and transformation of a boy of average beginnings to a multi million dollar successful artist. His story is uplifting in a way you don’t expect - the reader pauses many times to reflect about what was just read.


Written with a remarkable touch of humor which keeps the reader fascinated and eager to see what the next turn of events will bring, the author doesn't hide anything but gives a bold, frank and fearless description of the amazing events of his incredibly full life.

A great read which I found difficult to put down, this memoir would make an intriguing and heart-warming movie. A human life is not always coherent and easily explained but you understand his actions clearly.

The story covers the Art World, his talented performances as a singer in Paris night clubs, sailing the world and much more including "those wonderful creatures called women" some extremely famous and very well known. As a legacy, Mr. Title is planning a multi million dollar a new art center and museum featuring his works,his extensive collection of American impressionist paintings, and international exhibits along with studios for aspiring artists."

I really enjoyed this emotional (and very educational) book on the author’s “Reflections on love, pain, mysteries and the whole damn thing” during her life and her relationships and travels around the world. This has become one of my favorite books since it showed me how to keep and maintain a realistic and positive attitude when difficulties arise.

Best concept from this book for me, “If only someone would give us the gift of seeing ourselves as others see us, we would be freed from many mistakes and silly ideas.” Dr. Nesbit goes on to show “Many common problems are caused by wrong attitudes. People see themselves as the centre of the universe and judge everything as it relates to them. You can only be happy when you see things in proper perspective.”

Thanks, Dr. Nesbit for writing this book and for baring your honest feelings and observations of your journey through life – and the happy times, and many devastating times, and how you intelligently dealt with it. I highly recommend this book. A great read.

"5 Stars It's A Great Read From Someone Who has Walked the Golf Walk At The Highest Level!"

“It's a great unique story from someone who has "Walked the Walk" with those playing golf at the highest level.  Loved the detail and descriptions of the golfer's personalities and how they interacted.

"Steve, like Tiger, put a lot of hard long work into their careers and had a strong work ethic to achieve what they have in their careers.... There are too many armchair quarterbacks and critics who really don't know what they are talking about since they haven't accomplished what Steve has accomplished as well as the fine golfers Steve writes about in his book. A great story!"

"5 stars Enjoyed it and thank you for the education it brings to the non-medical people!"

"Didn't get Frazzled" by David Hirsch, M.D. shows that David throughout medical school has the quality of staying calm when others were losing their heads.

"For example, he describes dealing with a very aggressive mother with a sick child who is totally unreasonable, rude and demanding (very understandable) when it comes to getting action to cure her sick child.

"Some of us panic in stressful situations. Not David.  Whether he realizes this or not, he is quite rare in having the ability to keep a cool head when everyone else around him is losing theirs.

"A fun read with lots of emotions, this book gives non-medical people a clear look at what medical students go through. I feel I've learned something new and undiscovered by reading this novel."

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Wayne Willson’s “Time Particle: Sophie's Story (Volume 1)” is a brilliant dark humor- satire set in the year 2131. I hadn’t read a book that made me laugh so hard since reading Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” many years ago. 

I laughed until I cried when I read this hysterically funny book. It started off a bit rough for me, since I thought the book was going to be pure science fiction and didn’t expect to be humorous.  The story is about various villains chasing the brilliant Sophie (“It’s not paranoia if they really are after you”) who discovered the secret to time travel, and the villains want her time travel secrets. The villains chase and kidnap her, and JoJo is out to save her along with a cast of amazing, amusing, and uproariously funny characters, with many changing scenes leading up to a great “let’s get Junior” (one of the villains) climax ending. 

My favorite character was a severely stern faced mother named Hattie, who could shoot such grave looks that would “make a dead man sweat,” or “turn Satan into a saint.”  I enjoyed the way the good characters on the brink of defeat turned the situation around giving retribution to greedy villains – especially how Margot, the gorgeous female robot, dealt with Junior.  Marty the monkey was amazing as well.  Greedy, backstabbing James hilariously got what he deserved in the converter machine scene. I could go on and on but I don’t want to give too much detail since I don’t want to spoil anything.

I was sad to see the book end so I’m going to read it again and will be looking forward to reading the sequel.

"5 Stars Keep them coming! Progressions by Judy Lawn is a passionate story about Vanessa by a very talented writer who gives us this exciting story. The author puts you in the scene as if you were right there witnessing all the nature, sounds, and passions. An extremely talented writer, the author takes you through the story of Vanessa at a face pace making the book very hard to put down. Wonderfully detailed and romantic. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you Judy Lawn and write more of these!"

"This excellent anthology of inspiring stories, poetry, and thought-provoking quotes, gave me ways to not only overcome fear, but how to deal with a variety of difficult emotions and situations in life. I sensed there was a lot of thought and care put into creating this anthology. I also enjoyed reading the stories and poetry of the creator of this book, Connie Krebs, as well.

"After reading it, I think more about “knowing when to pick your fights” with a difficult person, when to be assertive, and when to seek help without any hesitation. This book made me realize courage is simply having the fear with the resolve to take action, or not take action, depending on the situation.

"I was moved by the story written by the wife who had a gun pushed so close to her face by her enraged husband, she could “smell the cold steel” of the gun. I thought the wife handled the situation very well. Her story took an unexpected twist which I (nor most people) couldn't anticipate.

"Some of the stories show how fear can develop in an instant, the instant reactions, and the resolutions.

"I was moved by the story titled, “Honey, I Killed Our Kid”, about a father dealing with his toddler’s son allergic reaction to food he had innocently given his son. I won’t tell you if the boy survived or not, as I’m not spoiler.

"This book made me realize there are many ways to overcome most obstacles or problems in life by “discovering our best self,” as described in the book’s description. It's all about keeping rational in stressful situations and gaining more confidence and belief in your own abilities which you never realized before.

"Best quote: “Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it.” – Salvador Dali.

"In life, there is no way to completely avoid fear, but this book showed me various ways people deal with it. I’ll keep this book around and refer to it to re-read these amazing stories, new and well known poems, and inspiring quotes.

"This is a very exceptional book, in my opinion, and I found it extremely enlightening. As Dali points out, we don’t have to fear being perfect in every situation, since we’ll never be perfect, and I will be satisfied, especially after reading this book, to do the best I can when facing fear in life."

"Dr. Angie Rumaldo gave me in this book a straightforward, step by step, guide in handling behavior. I liked Chapter 2 entitled, “Signs! Signs! Signs!” She describes red flags to be aware of in observing your child’s or teen's behavior, and later recommends when to take action. I'm a grandfather who doesn't want to arm chair quarterback her or my son-in-law child and teen rearing, but I'll pass this book on to my daughter. They'll find the checklists and summaries at the end of each chapter helpful to their busy life, and I'll be prepared to intelligently discuss it with them should they ask.

I found the book wasn’t a long read, but a concise and orderly guide to helping your child. I think the best quote in the book is: “Parents have a twenty-four-hour job that pretty much lasts a lifetime; it is an exhausting and, at times, thankless job. Nonetheless, your reward is seeing your child become the best he or she can be.”

5 stars I liked this book very much! I found this book to be much more than average poetry on the market today. Mark writes moving and thought-provoking poetry. The writing was not extremely complex (I don’t like poetry that’s very difficult to understand), yet, each time I read some of the poems, I found new meanings and emotions. This book caught my interest and was hard to put down. Best quote for me was from a very positive verse entitled “Keep the Curtains from Closing”

“Is this a stage?
And if it is can we keep the curtains from closing
And our own sweet encores coming.”

I would like to see more "Encores" from this poet!

I enjoyed reading this thrilling and exciting story by this new author. Terrifying and frightening, the story moves along at a very fast pace, changing scenes in an organized manner which left me wanting to read ahead to see what happened – but I didn’t since I got caught up in the next scene.

In particular, I enjoyed the scene in the North Falls General Hospital, and the character, Hal trying to help Dr. Woodhouse. Hal acted as anyone would when handling a cat (I won’t go into too much detail on this scene as I don’t want to spoil), but I was on the edge of my seat.

Also, I enjoyed and the scene of Doug and Kaitlin racing from danger on their bicycles while using every ounce of energy to get away. Doug put himself behind Kaitlin to protect her from danger, and I found myself moving my legs urging Doug to pedal faster as he was being attacked and fighting off the attackers.

All of the characters were described very well. I identified with Chief Salinger trying to save his town. He kept cool when everyone around him was going off the deep end, and I liked the way the Chief pushed back when needed.

The ending was very exciting with some unexpected heart-breaks. I highly recommend this book. Re: Cataclysm by Theresa Jacobs.