November 20, 2017. We recently reviewed a new book entitled "11v11" by C.I. DeMann which was the very first book we reviewed in the "Fictional Oral History genre, we didn't know such a genre existed but it was a lot of fun to read review.  

“11v11” by C.I. DeMann is an entertaining fictional oral history of two girl soccer teams. In the beginning of the book, the author explained the US although considered second rate in soccer (we call it football in NZ), has 1.6 million girls registered with the US Soccer Federation – more than all other countries combined – which was unbeknownst to me (and, I guess, many others as well). In view of this fact, I began reading the story with some enthusiasm to see why soccer is so popular with girls. I wasn’t disappointed.

I won’t spoil this great story by going into too much detail, but want to let you know the sports action (reads like you are on the field playing as well), is first rate with the heartaches, on field fights, yellow cards, twists and turns, and a great Championship game with a reflex goal by Estefania after an amazing “super slow motion” corner kick during regulation play which leads to a unique dramatic shootout.

I liked the way the author expressed the thoughts of the players during the tense shootout - very intriguing. It was very entertaining to read the thoughts and emotions of the coaches and players on each team.

I haven’t read oral fiction stories before, and I’m very glad this book caught my attention, as I found it a very enjoyable, unique, and refreshing change.

Needless to say, if you get a chance and want to learn what goes through the minds of these young sportswomen, give this book a read, especially if you are a soccer coach in the US or a footballer anywhere else in the world. You won't regret it and it's a quick read too.